Terms of Service

Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. is a platform that allows its users to search, select, and book accommodation on a short-term basis from property owners (Hosts) at a destination of their choice. Our platform also allows Hosts to list their properties, share experiences, offer amenities, excursions, and activities of their choice to their guests.

Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. offers a secure platform that requires users to register an account and create a user profile to benefit from the features our platform offers. We require that users keep their profiles updated, and that the property listings be accurate and up to date.

As a provider of a software-based platform, Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. does not own, manage, control, or directly offer any listings on their platform. Moreover, Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. does not own or manage any of the physical property that is offered for rent or lease. Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. is not a party to the contracts offered between a property owner and a guest and is not a broker or insurer.

Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. does not offer any insurance for any property that is rented or leased and shall not be held liable for any property damage, due to man-made or natural causes. Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. does not offer medical or life insurance to the users of its platform and shall not be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur while renting or leasing any property. We suggest that users and property owners obtain separate insurance policies at their own discretion.

Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. maintains other terms and policies that supplement these terms, such as the Privacy Policies and Payment terms. By creating a user profile, you are verifying that you have read and shall comply with our Terms of Service.

Our ‘Terms of Service’ are subject to change at our discretion, and users of our platform shall be notified of such changes. We require all our users to be aware of and comply with these Terms and Policies.

Arbitration Agreement